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Video of Elk Strolling Along and Minding Their Business at Colorado Resort Is Quite the Sight

Holy Elk! Not your typical lunch guests! Okay, most of us love and admire nature and all of her beautiful creatures, but this is mind-blowing and pretty wild! This herd of elk led by the 'ring leader' boss with enormous antlers decided to take a stroll along the water's edge by the Estes Park Resort located in beautiful Colorado

Thank you TikTok creator @allanklueckman for this very up close and personal video of this gorgeous family/tribe of elk. Listen closely as the "bull elk"  (formal name) as he bellows, whistles and then progresses to a high pitched scream. This announces their presence and serves to locate other bulls.

This must have been so incredible to see in person! Viewers were equally as impressed with the clip. TikTok user @mariecooper340 says, "My favorite place in the whole country," and we agree and understand why! Mother Nature at her finest! Commenter @mek1958 states, "Just a reminder of who the boss is 😳," and we concur. It's definitely their territory and we are the visitors!" "I could watch this all day," says TikTok user @aubrib23. We played it several times too since it's so magical watching these animals in their natural habitat.

You never know who will show up and join your dining table while visiting Estes Park. The wonderful outdoors never ceases to amaze and entertain. Simplicity at its finest! Slow down, take in the fresh air, and enjoy the gorgeous scenery the Rocky Mountains have to offer.