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Man's Epic Photobomb at Disney's 'Animal Kingdom' Has People Calling Him a Genius

Vacation photos are a way to capture memories in a moment and keep them with you for the rest of your life. Or, a way to prank your significant other. Whatever you're feeling more in the moment, we suppose.

Take Katee Davis, posting as @dirtydavis003, and her husband. Taking a moment to photograph his wife standing in front of the Animal Kingdom sign at Disneyworld, her husband decided to have a little fun and led her into a subliminal photobomb. 

Did you catch it? We honestly didn't at first. Like, why did this random video of a lady getting her picture taken at Animal Kingdom have 26 million views? Then we rewatched it and read the sign...oh. LOL! That's a very "guy" prank to play. Still, she shared the video to her TikTok... guess she's not against it!

"This is exactly the type of humour I needed today😂 thanks," laughed @gabybono4. Hey, we could always laugh by the time we get to Wednesday... after all, it's "Hump" day! LMAO! See, we've got dirty jokes too.

"The best kind of kingdom 😁," @luis8.a smirked. "It truly is the happiest place on earth 😂😂😂," exclaimed @akeemofzamunda. "Not all heroes wear capes," @martin_pagel applauded her husband.

The subliminal messaging on the sign wasn't the only funny aspect of the video, though- "We gonna talk bout the guy posing like her In the back 😂," @cottonpickerrrrrrr replied. Huh? "I thought the joke was about the guy in the back until people in the comments said "the best kingdom"," echoed @wizardking20arkyt. We went back again, and yeah- dude in the back mirrors her pose to perfection. Man, everybody was having a laugh at the Ana- uh, Animal Kingdom that day!