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Video of Insane Flooding at 'Epcot' Has People Totally in Awe

The happiest place on earth just became the wettest.

As much fun as visiting Disney World is, there are a few geographic downsides to going to a theme park in Florida. First of all, the heat — sure, being warm is great if you're flocking to the south from a colder state, but in the summer, it can become unbearable. And then, there's the rain... it can be brutal, y'all.

Need some visual proof? This TikTok video from user @waltdisneyworldparks sums it up pretty perfectly, showing how bad the flooding can get when it rains at Epcot. OMG — this is not something we'd want to wade through! 

The audio playing behind the video is even better — it's Joy and Sadness from Inside Out talking about rainy days. How appropriate! 

The good news about the rain in Florida is that it usually comes and goes pretty quickly, but when it's persistent, well, this video just goes to show that bringing multiple pairs of shoes and a rain jacket is absolutely essential the next time you're packing for a Disney trip. 

People in the comments had plenty of jokes ready for the situation. "I guess Moana wanted us to see the water more," one person wrote. 

Others were a little concerned since Epcot is supposed to be a glimpse into the future. "The experimental prototype city of tomorrow doesn’t have some cool way to stop the flooding. We live in the future but flooding is still a problem," someone else wrote.

Rain at Disney can be a bummer, but there's always one major perk: Lower wait times for rides. Just make sure your poncho is ready!