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Village in England Where Cars Are Banned and Streets Are Cobbled Is a Dream Come True

With the massive pollution they cause contributing to climate change, the overdevelopment of roads, and the accessibility issues they present to people who don't drive, cars- and our excessive use of them- have a lot of downsides. Many are trying to reduce our dependency on cars by making cities easier to walk through and improving public transportation.

Some places are taking things a step further. Several towns in Europe are partially or even totally banning cars altogether! TikTok user @sarahkhagan gives us a view of the village of Clovelly in Devon, England. In this village, they have banned all cars. Instead, the streets are cobbled and deliveries are brought in on sleds. The end result is charming, like a trip back in time!

This place is so comforting and quaint. It feels like somewhere out of a fairy tale! We can only imagine how peaceful it is, too- no traffic sounds, no smog or pollution, no need to worry about traffic jams. Everything is close together and easily walkable.

The video's viewers were also entranced by Clovelly's charming, car-free atmosphere. "Simply stunning. No other words to describe." said user @elizaaakay. "I remember going there on vacation years ago. Like a lot of North Devon villages it is stunningly beautiful in its simplicity." remarked user @peterwilson7271.

Of course, a few TikTok users noticed a couple downsides that could arise from the total car ban. "I saw a show about this place last week! Looks lovely, til you have to replace your fridge! 😳" observed @sherrieeee76. Hmm... good point. Guess you have to be very patient waiting for repairs!

Despite these downsides, though, many viewers were inspired to visit this village. However, enough people misread the video's text enough that we felt we should clarify- it's cars that are banned, not cats! "I thought that said cats and I was like well. I will NEVER GO THERE." said @halerdoodle. "I wrongly read it as “cats are banned” and lemme tell u I was ready to throw hands 😂" said @ughfineeee.

LOL, fear not, cat lovers- cats are very much welcome there. "😂😂 No there are lots of cats in Clovelly 🐈💕" clarified @sarahkhagan. Cuddly kitties, no obnoxious traffic, and beautiful ocean views- Clovelly sounds like a truly magical place!