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Secret Nod to Classic 'Disney' Movie at 'Grand Floridian' Resort Is Too Sweet

Ever since Disney World first opened in 1971, many of its visitors have opted to stay in the parks' luxurious resorts. One resort, the Grand Floridian, was a later addition, joining the Disney World resort roster in 1988. Since then, though, it has become a timeless fixture and one of WDW's most iconic hotels.

Like everything else in Disney World, the Grand Floridian is filled with nods to many classic Disney movies. One more subtle Disney reference in the design was pointed out in this video by travel agent @jimtravelsdisney:

Did you catch that yourself, or is this news to you as it is to us? It certainly ties in with the bar's theme- the name, Enchanted Rose, is obviously an allusion to the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast. When you really look at the chandelier itself, though, it is the exact same golden color that Belle's dress was in the film! The subtle and clever references woven through the design help to immerse the bar in the mystical magic of Disney.

The design of the chandelier may work on more than one level, though. As another user, @patsch0427, pointed out: "It also looks like a rose!" They really work to keep the theme cohesive!

The Enchanted Rose is a beautiful part of the Grand Floridian, and certainly chock full of that special Disney magic, but it's not the only place at the resort where one can grab a drink and a bite. From a poolside bar and grill to a classic tea room to the gourmet tasting menus at the Dining Room at Victoria & Albert's, the Grand Floridian is host to a score of epicurean delights for its guests to enjoy.

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