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Video of a Practically Empty 'Walt Disney World' Is the Stuff of Dreams

While a trip to Walt Disney World is a bucket list vacation for many people, fighting through throngs of tourists and waiting in long lines for hours can sour the experience. That's why it's important to pick the most strategic times to visit in the off-season, when less people are there.

Since school is just starting up, right now is one of the slowest times for Disney World, and visitors are surprised to see the parks mostly empty! Travel agent Shana posting on TikTok as @theglutenfreetravelagent, shared a video of what it's like at Disney World right now, and she likens it to a ghost town!

This is wild. We don't think we've ever seen Disney World so empty while it was open. There's hardly anyone here! This would be the perfect time to visit to enjoy a stress-free Disney experience. The locals know this as well: "Any Floridan knows the best time to Disney is during the week during September thru November," stated @deathbecomesher.

People who have visited during this time corroborated just how peaceful it is right now: "Went today. Rode everything we wanted to and was back at the resort swimming by 1," said @mlskipper. Sounds like a dream. "Walked right on to Soarin’ last week… great time to be a local!" said @mrs.coop48. Jealous!

There's more to it than just being the start of the school season, though- on Halloween Party nights, Magic Kingdom is generally pretty dead during the day. "On Halloween party days MK is empty...but the other parks are packed," advised @marissajayne92. "Yup! We park hopped to Epcot and it was busier," confirmed Shana. Just be advised that even during the off-season, the park being this quiet is still an outlier!

Disney World might be the most magical place on Earth, but it's also one of the most popular, and therefore busy. We hope insider tips like this one will help people find the best times to go so they can experience what the parks have to offer to their fullest!