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Man's $11k 'Emirates' First Class Seat Review Is Totally Over-the-Top

With most airlines, even a first-class ticket only gets you so much- a nice extra bit of legroom, free cocktails, free swag like blankets or eye masks, etc. But when you fly first class on Emirates Airlines, you literally get treated like royalty. This luxury treatment comes at a price, though... think 11 big ones.

TikTok user @travelwithpat is a professional traveler that often reviews airlines and shows his followers travel hacks- such as how to book insanely expensive plane tickets on the cheap with travel miles. He managed to score himself an $11k value first-class ticket on Emirates Airlines with his miles, but the experience itself was world-class!

If we went on a flight where we were treated to caviar, Dom Perignon, and a spa, we don't know how we'd ever go back to anything else! Oh, right... our bank accounts... never mind. Still, though, this sounded like an absolute treat for Pat and anyone else who can afford the steep cost (or who has racked up enough miles to get it on the cheap)!

Others who had flown Emirates chimed in to share the perks of their experiences as well. "When I flew Emirates business class from Dallas-Dubai, I got limo service from my home to airport and same on return. Included. Also, forgot that I got limo service to/from my hotel in Dubai," shared @tomjohnson0340. Swanky!

Others had questions for the knowledgeable Pat. "Can you bring someone into your suite? Let’s say you book a first-class for you and a coach class for your girlfriend. Can she join you in the suite?" wondered @yenati1. "Unfortunately not - but you can book the two middle seats and be close to each other!" replied Pat. Uh... dude, if you ditch your girlfriend in coach while you go kick it in first-class, you're not going to have a girlfriend much longer!

Silly stuff aside, it's cool to know that even those of us who can't easily drop $11k on a plane ticket can swing it if we have enough travel miles. If you have neither, though? "Give me the 11k and give me an exit row. I'll get there at the same time," quipped @gq1213. At the end of the day, that's the important part!