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Man Hears 'Emergency Whistle' on Hike and Gets an Unexpected Surprise

One thing people love about a hike through the wilderness is the tranquil atmosphere of it all. No sounds of traffic or the city, just the breeze blowing, the birds chirping, and the crunch of your footsteps to keep you company.

That's why hearing an unusual sound on a hike is all the more startling! TikTok user @camventures was taking a peaceful mountain hike when the tranquility was broken by a high-pitched whistle. Thinking it might be an emergency whistle from a lost or injured hiker, he went to investigate. What he discovered, however, was a total surprise!

Whoa! That little guy has a set of pipes on him! This little animal is a groundhog (though he goes by many other names such as woodchuck, marmot, and, for obvious reasons, whistle pig). Their high-pitched whistles are usually a defensive measure to warn other groundhogs in the area about predators... @camventures must have scared the poor little guy! Or as another TikTok user, @sarahwithans, succinctly commented, "Translation: There’s a human and a dog and they’re coming closer. 😂"

"WAIT. IS THIS WHY THEY'RE CALLED WHISTLEPIGS," said, who also learned of the groundhog's vocal prowess along with us. The whistling was so high-pitched that it sounded mechanical to many viewers. "My smoke detector at 4am," joked @cam24fps. "Now we know what ambulances and car alert systems get their sound inspirations from 😂😂😂," quipped @leamatar0.

 The distinct sound of the whistle even made a couple people nostalgic for a certain beloved film: "Sounds like Captain Von Trapp calling the kids downstairs 😂," remarked @gxr2u. User @shinysugarfox concurred: "My mind immediately went to The Sound of Music with the Captain's whistle. The hills are alive!" They certainly are... with the sound of groundhogs!