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Magical ‘Hidden Oasis’ in Florida Looks Like Something Out of a Fairy Tale

Believe it or not, when you move inland away from the coast, Florida is not all swamps and marshes. Case in point, just outside of Orlando in Apopka, Florida, is a pristine jungle paradise where you can kayak, swim, and take in the sights. Emerald Cut is honestly like something out of a painting made from spring water that stretches for about a mile!

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @followmeaway we see the beauty of this Floridian gem. Wait until you see how crystal clear this water is!

Can you believe this spring river in Florida? It must feel so nice to be able to relax in this refreshing river in the hot and humid Florida weather. No need to go to the Amazon when we have our own rainforest right here!

Now, we know what you’re thinking, aren’t there alligators in Florida? And aren’t alligators only in fresh water? Many of the comments express this concern, like user @user3799131670071 who said “Gators gators gators! Not safe. I’m a Floridian and we won’t swim in springs.” Maybe this is why Emerald Cut is a HIDDEN oasis? There was also user @aaronbrrrrsir, who called for the video's user to address this concern "You HAVE to address the alligators in Florida." To which the TikTok video's owner @followmeaway responded, “Alligators are more scared of you than them. They won’t just harass you. Treat them with respect. This is a popular spot meant for swimming.” So if you’re not an alligator-phobe, definitely check this jungle paradise out!