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Affordable Hotel in Thailand Where People Can Visit With Elephants Is Amazing

Elephants are incredible, intelligent, and empathetic animals, and many would pay good money and travel far just to visit a friendly one in person. Thailand, in addition to its beautiful nature, stunning temples, and other attractions for tourists, has many ethical animal sanctuaries where guests can see and interact with elephants!

What could be better than spending the night in one of those sanctuaries? TikTok travel enthusiast Linh Huynh (aka @linhforthehunyh) takes us to Chai Lai Orchid in Chiang Mai- and the price of a stay there will surprise you.

Delicious food, comfortable bungalows, gorgeous surroundings, and up-close encounters with happy elephants- and Linh had it all for about $75 a night. Now, this number is variable depending on factors such as the season and which bungalow you choose- when we looked it up on a few dates, we saw more for around $83-89 a night. Still, the price never jumps drastically, and even $89 a night is a steal for all that comes with it! That money is well spent at Chai Lai, too- the elephants are treated with the best of ethical care and 100% of their proceeds go to help prevent human trafficking.

The eco-lodge and sanctuary is well-regarded by its guests, too. "It’s the best place I’ve ever stayed. I stayed in the upper bungalow. And you have the best view," one user recommended. 

Linh's followers were definitely sold on this amazing experience. "Ok. I'm planning a trip to Thailand right now. This is amazing!!!!" exclaimed @sheobanxerez. "$75 a night?? WHEN DO I LEAVE??" said @hannahraythomas. You said it! This is going on our bucket lists for sure.

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