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Video of Elderly Volunteer at 'Arches National Park' Who Loves Helping Visitors Warms Our Hearts

When you're truly passionate about something, that passion doesn't fade with age. In fact, you can grow more and more in love with a hobby or special interest as you age and chase that passion your whole life long.

Age isn't stopping one elderly volunteer at Utah's Arches National Park from chasing his dream. Even while hiking with an oxygen tank, he still loves volunteering and checking up on hikers and answering their questions. Lisa Aamot, sharing videos as @motherhoodbeforenoon on TikTok, ran into this volunteer on her recent hike through Arches National Park.

We love to see stuff like this. Now that he's retired, this man has all the free time to pursue what he loves- plus he's staying active, which is great for someone at his age. He's really living his life to the fullest, and that truly warms our hearts.

"If it’s the same man I’m thinking of, he’s so kind and was so patient while my then five year old asked him questions ❤️," shared @youcancallmekait. "Yes!!! He LIT up around our 3 kids," Lisa responded. "OMG I'd latch right onto him and be with him the whole way asking a million questions. Love people like this," exclaimed @escapingtoxic. We have to imagine he's full of stories and facts about the park!

Other commenters shared their encounters with similar volunteers and rangers- apparently, many retirees enjoy taking on these roles! "Yes! NPS Rangers are so lovely!! We chatted with a few from Mt Rainier when we went," said @thereshegoes_again. "There was a lovely older man answering questions at Yosemite when I went and he was the sweetest ever," shared @ehloanna. "There’s a woman that does this at Grand Tetons. My boyfriend and I hiked with her for a bit and asked her for tips on best loops around the park. ♥️" @mace_and_mar chimed in.

We love that there are people out there, like this man, who are able to spend their twilight years chasing what they love out in nature. We hope that he and his fellow volunteers find peace and contentment in what they do every day.