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Video of the Eiffel Tower Being Struck by Lightning Is Pretty Darn Incredible

There are many moments in life that are just so hard to catch on video. Some just can't be replicated unless you have seen it with your own two eyes. Fortunately, we have developed technology that allows us to search for images of anything we ever wanted to see, so now we all know what a shooting star or a rare animal sighting looks like.  

A video that's going viral on TikTok was shared by @11ghst, in which the creator captures rare footage of the Eiffel Tower being struck by lightning, and it's pretty wild! Not only is this unique, but the video quality is just as insane. The reactions to the big flash is something we all felt after seeing this clip. Warning: it just might take your breath away.

Not what you expect to see on a cruise down the Seine! The gasps of the viewers just capture how we are all feeling. However, Some people aren't focusing on this spectacular sight, but more on how French the reactions sound. One commenter, @margomac1917, said, "Why did even the yelling sound French?" LOL we don't know if the reactions were inherently French, but it's not something any French person would see every day. Still many viewers are shocked by this rare occurrence, like user @cheesencoffee, who said, "This only happens about 5 times a year!! A super rare sighting!!" And an even rarer sighting that someone was able to catch it on video. 

One commenter, however, is frightened by this spectacle. User @allie_kemp admitted that she feels uneasy about "Being on water while a giant metal building is struck by lightning 😳🥴". Do you think they had to evacuate the water after this? We just wonder what being there was actually like, given how impressive the video is.