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Paris-Themed Hotel Room in Idaho Comes With a Fun Surprise

Not everyone is able to travel abroad. It can be prohibitively expensive, passports and visas are tricky to require, it's a lot of time off work- there's a myriad of reasons why its difficult. But if a true European vacation is out of reach, perhaps you can enjoy a little slice of Europe here stateside!

The TikTok account @aprettycoolhoteltour is dedicated to documenting unique hotels all over the world. Stopping at a hotel in Idaho, they found a glorious Paris-themed hotel room that comes with a special hidden surprise!

OK, "Eiffel Shower" got us. Seriously, though, that's a pretty nice layout! Naturally, the massive Eiffel Shower is a gorgeous centerpiece, but beyond that, the room is also spacious and decorated with a real Parisian feel. Our interests are piqued- where is this place?

Surprisingly, it's not in Paris, Idaho, which is a real place that, ironically, also has a hotel called "Hotel Paris." We are looking at Destinations Inn in Idaho Falls. This place is unique because every room is designed after a different city or country, with rooms decorated to resemble Rio De Janiero, Congo, Morocco, NYC, Athens, Thailand, and more! You've got a veritable world-class adventure at your fingertips when you stay in this place! 

If you're a fan of trash TV, this place may be familiar. "Aye! Love After Lockup filmed there!" @teachermissr recognized! LOL! Maybe not the classiest publicity for the hotel, but as they say, the only bad publicity is no publicity.

Many viewers were personally familiar with the hotel. "I had my honeymoon in that room, Destinations Inn in Idaho Falls hahaha," shared @ohioisforloverss. "I stayed in the Rome room. Totally worth it," recommended @reincarnatedsiren. "This inn is the best! The Arabia room has a sauna and Hawaii has a waterfall!" @ambs.12 added.

 This place sounds pretty deluxe- who'd have thought a spot like this would be in Idaho Fall? Now we know that if we ever visit, we'll have a really cool and memorable place to stay.

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