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Video of Man Trying to Conquer the 'Down' Escalator in Vegas Airport Has People Cheering

Exactly everyone was rooting for this dude.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas — unless, of course, it ends up going viral on TikTok. Case in point: This video about a man who attempted to make it up the "down" elevator in the Las Vegas airport that had practically everyone who was witnessing his amazing athletic feat rooting for him.

Though the situation wasn't explicitly explained, from the video from @veezmoneyvibez, we can deduce that the "up" escalator wasn't working properly, since everyone on it was standing still and seemed to be waiting in a long line to get off of it. This dude must have been in a hurry, because he decided to run up the "down" escalator to get to where he was going faster... but did he really?

In the video, we can see that everyone is gathered around as they cheer him on, with some people even taking their phone out to capture the moment on video, just like the person who posted this TikTok. It looks like he's really struggling there for a minute, and he even ended up falling down when someone from the top tried to help him.

You'll have to watch the video to see how it all ended... but something tells us that this man might not be thrilled this video hit viral status!

"Bro got his 10,000 steps in with one escalator session," one person joked.

Another added, "Rumors are that man is still climbing the escalator." 

We hope he got to his destination on time. That was a brutal experience.