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Tiny Dog Gets Loose Mid-Flight and Passengers Are Totally Here for It

Unless your dog is a service animal, your flight will require you to keep your dog in a stowaway carrier that you can fit under a seat. Why? Flights are stressful situations for pets, and the last thing anyone wants to deal with is a freaked-out dog roaming the cabin!

Unfortunately for one unlucky passenger on a recent flight, that's just what happened. TikTok user @aastha.lal captured the unexpected sight of a small dog walking down the aisle of her plane!

Oh boy... this is just a mess! All the passengers are trying to get in some pets, but the poor little dog is obviously lost, scared, and anxious, and eventually starts barking and snapping at the people crowding it. And the way that the dog was eventually escorted down the aisle by the flight attendant.... so undignified! LOL! At least that meant the dog was brought back to its owner, though.

This crazy situation had viewers cracking up as the video went viral. "I love how it bites people in front and the people in the next row is like OK MY TURN!!" laughed @joshira17, "Like they would have better luck LOL 😆." "The way he got dragged out I’m so sorry lolll," chuckled @alonzo_lerone.

Focus on the positives here, though. Depending on how well this dog takes to training, maybe it could make a good flight attendant one day! As @travelnursetk observed, "Oh he was just doing the last walk-through to make sure tables were upright and seats were no longer reclined before landing." LOL!

Let this video be a lesson to you, though: if you're traveling with a pet, please make sure that its carrier is closed all the way! Fly safe and fly smart- it'll make for an easier time for you, your pet, and the flight attendants and fellow passengers alike!

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