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Touching Video Shows the Importance of Documenting Family Vacations

Family vacations provide opportunities for family members to reunite with one another. Just being together brings everyone closer physically, mentally, and emotionally. Everyone feels connected. Enjoy every minute, and snap as many photos/videos as you want. As we all know too well, time stops for no one, and sadly, tomorrow is never promised to anyone.

This emotional video clip from TikTok creator @mama.kaylaa sure does pull at your heartstrings. We definitely feel for her while she watches treasured vacation videos of her mom who has sadly passed on. You'll need tissues for this one.

Wow. We totally feel for her. TikTok viewers are empathetic and shared their stories as well. Commenter @sav_smil3s writes, "Sobbing. I would give anything to hear my dad's voice again." Another fan, @thewifestyleco says, "Beautiful memories. You look so much like her. She is proud of you." Yes, we agree, her mom is certainly proud of her. Viewer @urgrace430 states, "There's just something about losing a MOM that is so devastating. I'm so sorry for your loss." We are too, no words can express. @lashamekia413 states "She's so beautiful. You look just like her, and she is with you every minute of the day." 

There is absolutely something about losing your mother that's permanent and inexpressible. It's a wound that never quite heals. She is your biggest cheerleader, she will always lend a shoulder to cry on, and most of all, moms are the BEST friend you will ever have in your entire lifetime. Cherish every single moment. Tomorrow is never promised to anyone.