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Using 'Disposable' Hotel Sheets Might be the Ultimate Game-Changer

Yes, this really is a thing.

There's something magical about staying in a hotel for many of us. Sleeping in a comfy bed away from home, trying out the tiny toiletries... it's a bit of an adventure. But if you're the kind of person who stresses out about the germs that could be lurking there thanks to past guests (and have your doubts about how thorough the cleaning staff might have been), we could see how it could be less than fun.

But there's one off-the-wall solution to that problem that might be taking off — at least, where the beds are concerned, anyway. Thanks to @operation_niki on TikTok, we now know that disposable sheets exist, and this might be a huge game-changer for those who can benefit from using them (and avoid bed bugs in the process). 

As she explained in the video, when she travels, she likes to bring her own disposable bedding specifically made for traveling. As soon as she arrives at her hotel, she puts the sheets and pillow cases on, which she called "surprisingly soft and comfortable." 

Interestingly enough, this kind of product can be found on sites like Amazon, and at under $15 for a full set that includes a sheet, duvet cover, and two pillowcases, it's actually affordable — and they are getting great reviews from those who have used them.

As far as the people who watched this TikTok, though? There are some mixed reactions for sure. Some called using products like this "wasteful," with one person writing, "I’m a bit concerned on the environmental impact that disposable bedding has." 

Others are raving about these sheets, including those who have used them while traveling before. "I used those sheets last month when I traveled for work. They were amazing. Definitely ordering for future travels," one person wrote.

Using a product like this is definitely a personal decision. If it makes you more comfortable while traveling, why not give it a try?