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Mom Shares 'Secret Viewing Area' for Watching 'World of Color' at 'Disneyland' Without the Crowds

This is actually a pretty good tip if you're staying at the Grand Californian.

Between their parades, live shows, and nighttime fireworks, it's hard to top the level of entertainment that Disney provides when we're talking about theme parks. There's only one problem: The crowds. Everyone else wants to see these shows too, so getting a good view sometimes requires waiting for a spot hours in advance, taking precious time out of your day when you'd rather be riding rides!

Fortunately, there are usually hacks for things like this, and one mom on TikTok, @benchlandia, is sharing how she and her kids get the best view of World of Color at Disneyland. You do have to be staying at the Grand Californian hotel on Disney property (which can certainly be a bit pricy), but after seeing the kind of view the guests get of the nighttime show, we might be willing to spend a little extra money!

Guests staying at the hotel can take the elevator up to the sixth floor, where they'll find the Paradise Gardens Terrace. The terrace overlooks Disney's California Adventure and offers a perfect view of World of Color at night, and judging by this video, it doesn't look like the terrace gets very crowded, either.

Disney even pipes in the music for the show so you're getting the full experience, and after it's done, you can just take the elevator to your floor and roll into bed. What could be better — especially if you have young children along on the trip? 

Many people who have used this hack before vouched for it in the comments, and one person even pointed out that during the park's Halloween parties, you can view after hours shows from here, too, even without a ticket. Whoa!

This is definitely worth checking out. We had no idea this even existed.