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Woman's Impersonation of 'Disneyland Girl With No Chill' Makes Us LOL

People totally act like this!

People who visit Disneyland and Disney World on a regular basis seem to have a bunch of different approaches to the best ways to enjoy the theme parks. Some people like to take it easy, sleep in, and spend most of their time hunting down the yummy snacks and drinks — after all, it is vacation. And for others, it's a time to turn into a theme park commando. It is what it is! 

And if you've ever visited with someone who must do every ride and every show and insists on arriving at the park when it opens (or if you happen to be that person yourself), this video on TikTok from @themagicalmillennial_ is definitely going to sound familiar to you! 

Get ready to watch the most accurate impression of a "Disneyland girl with no chill" ever: 

She's up at 4 a.m. to get their park bags packed, she's ready to mobile order as soon as she arrives at Starbucks, she's getting frustrated with her friends for not being ready and prepared when she told them to be... the stress is real, but only because she wants everyone to have the best trip possible! 

We're not even sure she's having a good time for most of the video, but she sure is efficient. 

"This was my dad when we’d go to Disney as a family. It was so stressful," one person commented. Another seemed to see themselves in this character, adding, "This video made me realize why my fam is scared of me at Disney. Will I change? Absolutely not. Someone has to keep everyone on track!" 

It's true — this person does end up being the hero of the day. Love her or hate her, at least she's making sure you ride everything! 

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