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Viral Video of Disneyland's 'Cars Land' at Halloween Has People All Fired Up

People just can't let this go.

If you've been to Disneyland at Halloween, you know how special the parks can be in the fall. The Haunted Mansion gets taken over by Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Cars Land gets an adorably spooky makeover. It will totally get you in the spirit, but some people are taking that Cars Land part a bit too seriously.

On TikTok, @disneylandnewstoday shared a video of what happens at sunset in the land. Usually, the song "Sh-boom" starts playing, while all the lights in the land start to come on one by one. But when Halloween is near, "Sh-boom" gets interrupted by "I'll Put a Spell on You." So cool! 

There's only one problem with this video: Right in front of the camera, a woman in a pink dress was having a total main character moment, which kind of distracted from the rest of the video... and people were not happy. 

Instead of enjoying the video for what it was meant to be, people who watched it could only comment about the woman in the pink dress. 

"She had to let everyone know that this isn't her first rodeo. Sigh," one person wrote.

Another person added, "Why do I suddenly have beef with someone I’ve never met?" 

But some people had another (friendlier) take on the situation, with one person writing, "Can we talk about the woman is pink living her best damn life right now?" 

It's true — she's just having fun and living in the moment. If only we all had the courage to dance like that, no matter who might be watching! 

She's not hurting anyone, and places like Disneyland are meant to be enjoyed. Let the lady live!