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Video of Thanksgiving Week Wait Times at 'Disney World' Has Us Saying 'Nope'

It's best to pick another time of year to go.

While there used to be a few slow seasons every year where Disney World visitors could count on low wait times and fewer crowds, those are now starting to disappear. But even still, there are times of the year when you absolutely should not visit if you don't want to deal with long waits, and the holiday season is one of them. In fact, the week of Thanksgiving is one of the busiest of the year.

Not only is it a major holiday, but it also happens to be a time when many people have time off from school and work anyway, making it convenient to visit. And after seeing this TikTok video from @allearsnet, we're convinced that wait times like the parks are experiencing right now are simply not worth that convenience.

This video shows glimpses of what the wait times were early this week... before Thanksgiving Day actually hit. There are certain rides that we'd expect to have astronomical wait times due to how wildly popular they are right now, like Rise of the Resistance at Hollywood Studios... but when we see Tower of Terror at a 190 minute wait, we know that's bad news.

Of course, guests have the option of buying Genie+ to skip a few of these long lines, but that does come at a cost. And at this time of year, the service is more expensive than ever, with the base level rising to the price of $29 per person, per day. Yikes! 

Fans in the comments were just as horrified as we are by this, though that didn't stop anyone from cracking jokes. "It’s always best to go during peak times of the year like holidays that way you get the best experience waiting in line," one commenter wrote.

Unless you love lines, we'd caution against planning a trip for this time of year. It's just not worth it!