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Remnants of 'Disney World's Skyway' Are Hidden in Plain Sight in the Park

Some Disney World attractions are too iconic to ever be changed. From the Cinderella Castle and the Epcot Ball to classic rides like Space Mountain and the Haunted Mansion, some things will always be staples for Disney enthusiasts. However, the parks are always getting updates and changes, with some older attractions being removed or updated. Still, savvy tourists may be able to spot a few remaining signs of some of Disney World's bygone attractions.

The TikTok account @waltdisneyworldparks is dedicated to sharing Disney news and information about the parks. In this video, our host shares a kind of Disney World Easter egg with us- near Space Mountain, you can see the remnants of what once was the Disney World Skyway, a since-retired attraction!

Alright, confession time: up till now, we hadn't even heard of the Disney World Skyway. Tbh, it sounds like it'd be the perfect topic for a future Defunctland video! It turns out that the Skyway was one of Disney World's original attractions, a gondola system that connected Fantasyland and Tomorrowland until its closure in the late 1990s.

Some commenters remembered the Skyway when it was still in service! "I am lucky enough to say I rode that! 😁" said user @shdwjmpr. "My husband proposed to me on the Skyway!" reminisced @tiktokmrsglock. Aw, how sweet! "Miss it. Went on it during our honeymoon," shared user @jackkunze "Went back and it was gone."

This story isn't all nostalgic fun though: the ride had a dark past. "I rode it ... it was a cool people mover... but someone could easily jump out. a worker fell off a tower doing maintenance. Then they closed it down," reported user @tvn11972.

This claim seemed drastic, but unfortunately, it's true- a custodian cleaning the ride was swept off by a cable car and fell to his death. This terrible tragedy, other safety issues, and the hefty liability insurance are all purported reasons why the ride was eventually retired.

While many still have nostalgia for the old Skyway, it's probably for the best that the ride was retired for safer attractions. Still, sentimental viewers can take a trip back in time and relive their experiences with videos like these!