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Disney World's 'Monorail Bar Crawl' Is the Adult 'Magic' We All Deserve

Ok, so when we think of taking a trip to Walt Disney World, typically, a fun-filled family vacation is what immediately comes to mind. But quite honestly, Disney can be just as much (if not more fun) without kids in tow, especially if you partake in the Monorail bar crawl experience.

Unless you're a Disney fanatic or have been on the pub crawl before, you might not know that such a thing exists. But thanks to a new TikTok video shared by @samanthalongton, we just got a sneak peek into this unique 21-and-over experience. Based on the footage she showed us, not only is the Monorail bar crawl real, but it's spectacular. 

Um, where do we sign up? This looks like the best time, particularly if you're with a group of friends and are celebrating something special. And you gotta love Samantha's caption on the video: "Parking at these resorts is between you and God. I legally cannot give advice on that." LOL. That's why it's always preferable to stay on property if you can. One commenter, @Brittany had a suggestion for getting over the parking ordeal, saying, "For the parking situation, I always go to Polynesian and say i’m going to Tambu Lounge or make a quick service order for something. It’s never a issue." Great tip!

So many other TikTok users left comments saying how they couldn't wait to try out the bar crawl for themselves. Although, sometimes, the Monorail can be finicky, as one viewer of the video knows all too well. "My husband and I did this a few weeks ago and the Monorail broke down in the middle! Made for a crazy hilarious adventure!! 😂" HA! We'll bet it did!

But all Monorail snafus aside, this pub crawl really does seem like a great way to make the most of the magic at the parks. We wouldn't hesitate to give it a shot on our next Disney vacation!

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