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Video Parody of 'Disney World' Local Visiting 'Disneyland' for the First Time Cracks Us Up

Disney World and Disneyland, despite having similar names, are two very distinct parks on opposite sides of the country with their own pros and cons. Some people who aren't as familiar with the parks think they're interchangeable, but Disneyland is not Disney World, and vice versa.

Diehard Disney fan Megan, posting on TikTok as @themagicalmillennial_, thought it would be funny to illustrate the differences between the two parks. She does this by making a parody video in the character of a Disney World local experiencing Disneyland for the first time.

This is so clever and funny! We love how she's kinda put off by it at first, but how she slowly falls in love with the place the more and more she sees of it. We bet a lot of Disney park fans have been through that exact experience themselves. "It always starts with shade and then ends in joy 😏," said @jordanapp0 in the comments.

This hit close to home for many of her viewers, who had their own thoughts on it. "I’m working on one for when Disneylanders go to WDW… stay tuned 😂," @leydiandthemagic mentioned. Ooh, yes, we'd love to see what the reverse perspective is like!

"Exactly my reaction when I saw the DL castle 😬," cringed @cindyd04. LOL, look, it's just fun-sized! "Coming back to Disneyland after WDW I was like ‘was our castle always this small?’ 😭💔," @babyymoniquee lamented. But the really important of the park is the attractions, not the castle, and Disneyland has got a lot.

"And this is why after 100 trips to WDW and 1 to DL I was sold!!!! DL rides are better, longer and and then snacks are the best!! 😁😁😁," stated @all_i_want_isdisneyworld. Sounds like actually all they want is Disneyland! "If I could go back and experience walking into radiator springs for the first time again, I would in a heartbeat!! I was blown away the first time!!" @gayleah reminisced.

Ultimately, both parks have their charms. We think we can safely say that no matter which one you visit, you're in for a good time!