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Woman Shares 5 Cocktails Everyone Needs to Try at 'Disney World' and We're In

Nothing beats a Disney World pub crawl.

Going to Disney World is one of those happy childhood memories that so many of us share, so when we get older, it's a little surprising to find out exactly how adult friendly the theme parks can be... even when you visit without any kids in tow. There's so much to enjoy as a grown up, and yes, that includes the many cocktails that are available in the parks. 

You've probably heard of drinking around the world, but Epcot isn't the only place that's serving up yummy drinks. Though everyone's opinion on what makes a "good" cocktail will vary, @bethanyvinton on TikTok is sharing her recommendations for the five cocktails everyone needs to try when they're at Disney. We're intrigued.

These look tasty and Instagram worthy. 

She starts off with a drink called the Porthole at the Edison, which is $42, but meant to be shared between two people and you mix it yourself, so it's more of an experience than anything else. Then, there's the Pimm's Cup in the UK pavilion in Epcot, which is a tasty, refreshing drink that's often found in the real United Kingdom. 

In France, there's a champagne flight, which includes three different champagnes you can try, and the coffee stands throughout the parks (minus Magic Kingdom) will add liquor to your pumpkin spice latte, hot or iced. Yum! Her final recommendation is only available during the Food and Wine festival in the fall months, but that one looks good, too. 

This is just scratching the surface of what Disney can offer if you like to drink on vacation. There are so many more drinks to be discovered, but these are a great starting point. Yum!