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Man Gets Mistaken for Popular 'Disney' Character and It's Too Sweet

Many serious Disney adults like to dress up as their favorite characters when visiting Disney parks. Since serious costumes and cosplay are not allowed from guests at the park, many participate in "Disney Bounding" wich is wear they dress is casual clothing reminiscent of their favorite characters. Some people don't even need to Disney Bound to look the part, though- they just have a strong remsemblance on their own!

The official @disneyparks TikTok account highlighted one long-time Disney World employee, John. John's resemblance to a certain character has made him a fan favorite!

OMG! This is so adorable. We have to admit, the resemblane is pretty striking. What beter job to have as someone who already looks like a member of the Disney canon! John is clearly so full of enthusiasm, and charmed that he can have fun with his job in that way. It's so sweet.

John is highly regarded by many of the people who've worked with him, as many people gave their shoutouts in the comments. "John!!! You are one of the best leaders I had at my 11 years with Disney!!!" @grantwilliams1786 called out. "He was one of my fav leaders during my DCP," @juliettechill fondly recalled. "Such an amazing leader! Was always a good day when we knew John was on as duty manager," shared @the_mike_michael. Clearly, John's enthusiasm for his work is contagious!

Even those who didn't have experience working with him instantly fell in love. "He needs to be protected at all costs," demanded @lexisroc. "My HEART!!!!!!! John you are precious, thank you for making magic with Disney!" @carlycox80 expressed her gratitude. "Oh my goodness my daughter LOVES this movie and I do too! John you're adorable," admired @tashatommyratliff.

Beyond his striking resemblance to Carl from Up, John's passion and love for his work has consistently charmed those around him. We feel lucky to have learned a bit more about such a great guy! Maybe we'll be lucky enough to run into him ourselves one day.

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