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Couple Finds Surprise in the 'Tower Suite' on 'Disney Wish' That Any Kid Would Flip For

There's so much magic in this cruise ship suite.

There's magic to be found everywhere on a Disney Cruise Line ship, especially if you're a kid, but we have to admit that the fancy suites are truly where it's at. Sure, they might be far out of the budget for many of us, but that's why we're so glad social media exists. We can live vicariously through those who are able to splurge!

That definitely includes watching this video from @herewiththeears on TikTok. They were able to stay in the tower suite on Disney Cruise Line's newest ship, the Disney Wish, and found a fun surprise in their room that they weren't expecting.

The massive suite is nothing like a traditional cruise stateroom — instead, it spans nearly 2,000 square feet, is fully Moana themed, and offers amenities like a kitchen for guests lucky enough to stay there. And as these guests discovered, that kitchen happens to include Mickey ice cream bars in the freezer so you can grab one whenever you want, day or night.

As adults, this is amazing, but we can only imagine how cool discovering the ice cream would be for a kid! The OP admitted that they ate a ton during their stay, not that we blame them. Take advantage of those perks!

If you want the same experience, it's definitely going to cost you. According to CNet, the suite runs more than $30,000 for a cruise. Whoa. 

Like we said, we'll be living vicariously through the people who get to have that experience and share it with the rest of the world. Maybe they can share their Mickey bars?