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Woman's Princess-Theme Room Reveal on the 'Disney Wish' Is Going Viral

Will it be Cinderella or Frozen-themed?

This summer, Disney Cruise Line launched their newest ship, the Disney Wish, and chances are good that if you're a Disney fan or a cruise ship fan, you've heard about it. Between the well-themed dining options, the giant water slide, and the chance to meet your favorite Disney characters on board, there's a lot to love — and apparently, it's got a little extra something for princess fans, too. 

As it turns out, the staterooms on the Disney Wish are themed after different princesses, depending on what deck they happen to be on. Given how much fun the surprise must be, it's no surprise that a video from @btworldtravels on TikTok is going viral when she revealed the theme of her room on camera! 

According to her video, she could have ended up with either a Frozen-themed room or a Cinderella-themed room. Which one did she get? Watch to find out! 

If you guessed Frozen, you're right — that artwork featuring Olaf and Sven is too cute! And of course, people had a lot to say about the room in the comments. Some were underwhelmed by the theming. 

So once piece of art on the wall makes it a "Frozen room". I was expecting... more..." one viewer wrote.

Others did point out that, on a cruise ship, there's not a lot of room for elaborate decor, which is true — and plenty of people did like it! 

"The art on the wall is absolutely gorgeous and I love it," another commenter added.

It doesn't look like guests are able to select a room theme ahead of time, so the surprise just adds to the fun. We'd be down for a cruise in any of these rooms!