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Video of 5 'Must-Try' Foods on the 'Disney Wish' Has Us Salivating

Disney's cruises are renowned for their culinary options. While the quality of food varies heavily between different cruise companies, Disney's offering manage to stay consistently delicious across all their ships. Their brand new ship, the Disney Wish, has some particular unique and incredible food for guests to try!

TikTok influencer @theshayspence is a major foodie and loves to travel. Taking a recent trip aboard the Disney Wish, he documented the top five foods guests must absolutely try!

Yum... our mouths are watering at this. Disney is just flexing their cuisine once again. There's so much to enjoy, from international dishes like bao buns, curries, and wagyu beef (also, $45 for wagyu beef is actually kind of a steal, we love it) to casual classics like chicken tenders,  mac and cheese, and soft-serve ice cream. And of course, as it is Disney, the teeming is consistent the whole time. We never thought we'd take a cruise just for the food, but watching this video, we're seriously tempted!

Shay's picks for must-try foods had fans mouths' watering as well. "Nothing more perfect is correct," agreed @kierstenpfisterer. "Oh my…was that Stone Crabs on a buffet?" observed @margaretsantopietro. We saw that too- yum. 

"I get chicken tendies and Mac and cheese every time we get on board," said @therealklimkatie. One user, @inaki56gg, even offered their own recommendation: "Strawberry soft serve on Disney cruise. BEST THING EVER." Listen, we'd try every flavor of soft serve they've got to offer if given the opportunity. 

The Disney Wish isn't just a ship for enjoying family fun in the tropical sun- it's also a place to get your chow on! If you're taking a trip on the Wish anytime soon, be sure to try out these delicious dining options!

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