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Travel Agent Shares One 'Disney World' Room Type Everyone Should Avoid

It sounds like this particular room has no space.

There are practically endless hotel options to choose from when planning a trip to Disney World. If you decide to stay on site, you might end up spending more, but you'll also get a few really cool perks — along with the peace of mind that the place you're staying in is going to be clean, comfy, and well themed. But not all Disney hotel rooms are created equally, especially with the new resorts that have been built in recent years. 

That being said, is there any room category you should avoid when visiting Disney World? According to travel agent @disney_beignet on TikTok, the answer is yes — and surprisingly enough, it's one that can be found at one of the resort's newest and most upscale properties. 

After prefacing her advice by saying that usually, she never tries to issue ultimatums when it comes to what her clients should or shouldn't do at Disney because every group of travelers and their needs are so different. But in this case, she's willing to make an exception: She is advising everyone to never stay in a Tower Studios room at the Riviera Resort, and she even went so far as to call them "atrocious." 

Unfortunately, these rooms are especially tiny, and they're only built to accommodate two adults. The only bed in the room is a murphy bed that folds down from the wall to save space — that's how small these rooms are. And even though you're sacrificing space to stay there, you are not sacrificing price. Even during the cheapest seasons of the year, these rooms will run you more than $400 a night, with rates going well over $700 per night during the busier seasons. 

Unless you're a solo traveler really itching to stay at the Riviera, this room would probably be better avoided. Instead, she advises choosing a Deluxe Studio at the resort, which offers more space and a better value for the money.

The more you know!