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Permanent Closure Date for Disney's 'Splash Mountain' Has Been Announced

Better get there now if you want to ride it one last time.

It's often been considered a quintessential ride at both Disney World and Disneyland, but Splash Mountain is about to undergo some major changes. Earlier this year, news broke that the ride would be re-themed after Princess and the Frog, becoming Tiana's Bayou Adventure rather than continue to celebrate Song of the South, the 1946 movie with a racist history. And now, we know exactly when the change will be taking place. 

It's official: As @themouselets shared on TikTok, we officially have a closing date for Splash Mountain in its current form. And while Tiana's Bayou Adventure isn't scheduled to open for a long time from now, the ride as it stands today is closing up sooner than we anticipated.

The last day guests will be able to ride Splash Mountain is January 23, 2023 — which is just over a month from now. Then, it will close so that the work transforming the ride can begin, with Tiana's Bayou Adventure scheduled to open in late 2024. That's a long time, so it sounds like major changes to the ride are going to be made as it changes over to this new theme! 

Though many are excited to see an updated version of the ride with a Disney princess at the helm who so many love — and who will bring some much needed representation to the parks — this ride does hold a lot of nostalgia for longtime fans. So if you want to ride it one more time, you should probably plan a trip ASAP. 

In the comments, it seems like fans have a lot of mixed opinions about the change.

"Sad to see an attraction go that has brought my family and I so many wonderful memories, but bittersweet because I look forward to seeing the new," one person wrote.

We can't wait to see the ride's new version. Tiana deserves her time to shine!