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Video Comparison of Moderate and Deluxe 'Disney' Resorts Is Surprising

This isn't what we expected.

Planning a vacation to Disney World can be super overwhelming, even if all of your research does pay off by the time you arrive for your vacation. As if figuring out park tickets isn't enough, for those who stay on Disney property, choosing one out of more than 20 hotel options is your next big hurdle. And while considering the different price points and the three hotel categories — Value, Moderate, and Deluxe — it can be a hard choice to make.

Obviously, the Value resorts (like Pop Century) are going to be the best budget options, with many running under $200 a night, but the line between Moderate and Deluxe is a bit blurry. And as @perfectingthemagic pointed out in a TikTok video, the comparison between the two categories is closer than you might think.

This woman stayed in a resort in each category for three nights in a row, going from All Star Movies to Coronado Springs to Old Key West, comparing her experiences along the way. And according to what she said in this video, you might want to think twice before automatically assuming that a Deluxe resort means better quality.

Not only did she say that the quality of the rooms themselves were pretty similar, but she also noted that she found the best dining options at the Moderate option, Coronado Springs. Transportation and the "resort feeling" were best at Old Key West, though.

"My biggest takeaway is that things are shockingly similar going from a hotel that cost me $120 a night to one that was almost three times that," she admitted.

This is definitely going to give us something to think about the next time we plan a Disney trip. It might be worth saving money to go with a Value or Moderate option...