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Disney's Latest Price Increases Have People Outraged

With the economic turmoil we've been experiencing for the past few years, inflation has been sending prices skyrocketing for... pretty much everything. The cost of staples such as groceries and gas has been getting more expensive for everyone- so it's no surprise that the cost of luxury items, like tickets to Disney World, are going up too.

Disney TikTok influencer @themouselets has the drop on Disney's upcoming price changes, which take effect December 8th. Let's just say, merely watching this video made our pocketbooks hurt!

Yikes. Disney has always been pricey (at least within recent memory) but these prices are just nuts! These prices would be high for just a single person to visit- but when you consider Disney World is largely meant for families with children, often multiple children, it really puts in perspective how inaffordable a trip to Disney is becoming for the average family- much less a multi-day trip! It feels like Disney is becoming a luxury only the rich can afford- and that's seriously upsetting. 

"And they aren’t improving the parks at all. Newer rides shut down, projects are taking forever. No good," @sarah_mosh_ pointed out. "It's not worth it anymore. It's line and lines. No improvement to anything. Only guarantee at Disney is price increase," lamented @mr_butcher1992.

The ever-increasing prices without evidence of positive change has caused some to write off the Disney parks entirely. "We used to go 6 times a year. We now give our money to Universal Studios who seem to value their Annual Passholders," said @dark__messiah. "We used to go 2x a year for a week. We haven’t gone 5ish years. That place is so $$$$$ and lost it’s magic. The average family can’t go anymore," @thelungnerd mourned Disney's decline.

Even some of those who have visited recently are ready to turn their backs on Disney. "Just came back from Disney. My family and I are done. The experience was so stressful and hectic which left little room for enjoyment," @annasky11 reported. "I just came back and surprisingly I have no urge to go back and I think that is why. I used to go about 2x a year from Texas," @ms.amyrae stated.

We feel bad for serious Disney fans and their families. They're the ones getting shafted here. We hope this inflation bubble bursts at some point and prices drop- or wages increase- to make this affordable once more.

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