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Tour of the Presidential Suite at Disney's 'Polynesian Resort' Makes Our Jaws Drop

It must be so magical to have the chance to stay here.

Staying at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort in Orlando is a dream come true for many people — and considering the rooms can often go for upwards of $600 a night, it's out of reach for most travelers on a budget. But just in case you didn't think the Hawaiian-themed hotel was luxurious enough, just wait 'til you see one of their biggest suites.

Thanks to @herewiththeears on TikTok, we can see a full virtual tour of the presidential suite at the Polynesian, and OMG — talk about magical! While we don't even want to know what this costs, there's no denying that the Moana themed suite is impressive. It even includes a second floor! 

With a kitchen, a full living room and dining room, and multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, there's more than enough room for a big family to comfortably spread out here. Of course, when most people go to Disney, they don't spend a lot of time in the hotel room, but if their hotel room looked like this, maybe they'd hang back from the parks more often! 

"People who stay in this suite are in a completely different tax bracket than me," one person who commented joked.

"Tell me you’re rich without telling me you’re rich," another commenter added.

This is the life. Maybe if we start saving now, we can afford a stay here sometime in the next decade or two? 

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