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Video of 'Disney Monorail' Going Faster Than Usual Has People Talking

The DIsney World Monorail has been a staple of the Orlando parks since Disney World first opened in 1971. It's futuristic tech still impresses guests to this day and makes park-hopping a breeze. Because it's such a fixture of Disney World, savvy guests are more likely to notice if something seems "different" about it.

TikTok user @itssteffon is a Disney superfan, and spends a lot of time at the Orlando parks. While leaving the parks at close one day, he and his friends seemed to notice something strange about the monorail.

LOL! They are ready to call it a day at Disney World, apparently! No, but seriously- could they be speeding up the monorail at day's end? The ride does seem a little zippier than usual, but we don't know if we're just imagining things. While the monorail has the potential to go pretty fast, it typically doesn't go above 40 mph during normal operations. So what's going on here?

We checked the comments to see if any other hardcore Disney fans had some insight to share. The consesus from most seemed to be that the speed hadn't changed, but they were on a bumpy line, the one from Epcot to the Ticket and Transport Center. "Epcot Line is notorious for being wavy, due to the difference in manufacturing practices used when they built the line. Max speed at Disney is 40 mph," explained @soundwavesean.

Other guests had also had rough rides on that route. "Last time I rode it we flew and then the pilot slammed on brakes coming into TTC Station and then we had to sit and wait in station for a good 10 minutes," shared @kjs6154. Oof. Sounds like this route is a bit notorious!

While the conditions of a route can make a train ride seem faster, for safety reasons the monorail pilots won't push the train to unsafe speeds... even if they're ready to close the park!

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