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Woman Gets Unexpected Surprise All Because of Her New 'Disney' Bag

This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

There are a lot of memorable moments when it comes to taking a trip to Disney World. You'll always walk away with happy memories of your favorite rides, what you ate, meeting different characters... the list goes on and on. But it's not just Mickey Mouse running the show here — the Disney Cast Members who work at the parks are a huge part of what makes the whole experience so magical, after all. 

And thanks to one Cast Member who was willing to go out of her way to create a little extra magic for traveler @hannahhockman, we get to see this awesome TikTok video. Hannah was taking a photo of her new monorail themed purse as the monorail itself pulled into the station and ended up getting the surprise of her life. 

Monorail Captain Bri invited Hannah to come into the cockpit of the monorail and explained to her how the whole thing works. She gave her a tour of the control panel of the monorail and even let her take a photo in the driver's seat before her tour was over.

We don't know who looks happier in this video — Captain Bri, who very clearly loves her job and is excited to share it with others, or Hannah, who is grinning ear to ear through their entire conversation. This is so cute! 

There's no doubt that Hannah is always going to remember this experience, especially since, thanks to the comments, we know that Bri was able to find this video on TikTok and see for herself how much her kindness impacted a guest. 

It's not often that monorail drivers ask guests to step inside the cockpit, which is part of what makes it so magical. But who knows? It could be you next time!