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Video of What Disney's 'Magic Kingdom' Was Like in the 1990s Is a Blast From the Past

For those of you who have been to Disney World, what's the earliest you can remember visiting? If you visited Walt Disney World during the 90s, we have a filling this video will be a charming throwback.

The TikTok account @days_gone_disney is dedicated to preserving Disney nostalgia. Recently, they uploaded a VHS rip detailing the monorail ride to the Magic Kingdom from the early 1990s. This is prime millennial Disney nostalgia for sure!

For many of us who had this or similar VHSes growing up, this was a throwback to your childhood, especially if you were watching these in preparation for a Disney vacation! You'd feel yourself getting hyped up spotting all the places you'd soon see in person. "The real ones remember getting the VHS in the mail before your trip," said @k1llacourt. She knows how it was!

This nostalgic throwback had everyone feeling sentimental. "Probably my most watched VHS as a kid,"reminisced @prophecyrose. "This was when it was good to be a millennial," said @blindpsychic420. "Disney in the 90s was absolutely everything," agreed @puppylicks.

Some want to even try to recapture some of that 90s nostalgia in real life. "Could you imagine if they did a 90s week at WDW now - no phones, lots of retro clothing and just have fun," imagined @lineyinthecity. LOL, it sounds like it could be a whole lot of fun (and lowkey, the music would probably be 10/10 too). Of course, some pointed out a few potential downsides. "Yeah but then you’d have to wait in line for food instead of using that sweet mobile order option," remarked @3_out_of_4.

Ah well, we suppose there are some benefits to living in the present. Still, we can't deny that this video has made many of us long for simpler times!