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Unfortunate Change Coming to 'Disney' Hotels Is Kind of a Buzz Kill

This was all part of the experience!

Everyone knows how fun the cute toiletries at hotels are, but none are better than the ones you'd find at the resorts at Disney World and Disneyland. They used the brand H2O+ to fill all their toiletry needs, and the Sea Marine and Sea Salt products were Disney's signature scents for the resorts. You can't just stay on Disney property and not take those little bottles with you.

But now, it looks like a major change is coming. This week, H2O+ announced that the brand is shutting down by the end of the year, and as @themouselets shared on TikTok, this is going to bring a big shakeup for Disney fans who associate the scent with their vacations. 

At this point, it definitely seems like those who have a trip planned through the end of the year will still be able to use the products as usual at Disney, but after that, who knows what the future holds? The resort will have to pivot to another brand, and judging by the comments on this TikTok, many people aren't happy about it!

"I'm going to cry," one person wrote, among a sea of comments that simply said "Nooooo!" or some similar variation. So many fans are devastated! 

We'll just have to stock up on the products at H2O+'s website while we still can. Hopefully, Disney's next line of signature toiletries will be just as good, if not better! 

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