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'Disney Grandparents' Who Love the Parks Are Serious #RetirementGoals

They are just too cute!

Though everyone thinks about what retirement will be like in their own way, many people are all about heading somewhere warm and sunny to live out their golden years. Travel is another big goal for spending this time — whether it means finally exploring countries or going somewhere they can bring their inner child out. Yes, even grandparents have a great time at Disney World

Just take it from these retirees on TikTok, after their granddaughter @kierastella shared footage of them living their best lives at Disney. These two are having a blast, and they couldn't be cuter. 

To the song "Married Life" from the movie Up, we see so many clips of these grandparents being absolutely adorable at the theme park. Whether they're taking selfies in Epcot, riding a rollercoaster together, or dancing while watching a parade, they seem to be living their best lives. This video just goes to show that you can never be too old to get excited about seeing Mickey Mouse!

They're eating snacks, they're snapping photos with Goofy, and most of all, they look genuinely happy, so what more could anyone want? 

In the comments, viewers couldn't help but gush over this couple, complimenting them on how adorable they are.

"I hope that my husband are I are like that in 30 years!" one person wrote.

Retiring in Florida is something that a lot of people choose to do, but retiring there in order to visit Disney as much as you want, whether or not you have the grandkids in tow? That sounds like the way to do it — at least, after seeing how much fun is possible through the eyes of these grandparents, anyway.