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Epic Halloween Campsite Display at Disney's 'Fort Wilderness' Is Priceless

This took some serious time and effort!

When it comes to the holidays, it's hard to find anywhere that creates a better experience than the Disney theme parks. Year after year, they go all out, especially when it comes to Halloween. From Mickey-shaped pumpkins to yummy treats, there's a lot to look forward to in the fall... but one of the park's most beloved traditions actually takes place at one of the resorts.

Every year, those who are staying at Fort Wilderness at Disney World decorate their campsites and golf karts for Halloween, and the resort even hosts a parade of the decorated golf karts for those staying at the campgrounds to enjoy. One campsite in particular is going viral this year, thanks to a video that @walruscarp shared on TikTok, and we can totally see why.

Given how many of us have fond memories of renting movies at Blockbuster as kids, it was pretty clear they were going to win this one on nostalgia alone... but the theming of this campsite is really next level. They set up a mini store under their tent, complete with Blockbuster branding and shelves of rentals, just like we remember! They even had a checkout counter, so it looks like no detail was spared.

We're not surprised at all to see that thousands of people have watched and liked this video. There's already hundreds of comments, and so many people said that this unlocked childhood memories for them.

"Just like a pay phone, it’s a archeological find today," one commenter joked.

As convenient as streaming is now, we do miss the joy of renting a movie on a Friday night. That might be gone forever, but at least we can all share our memories of how much fun that used to be!