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Woman's Video About the Reality of Visiting 'Disney' Parks As an Adult Is All Too Relatable

The struggle is real!

There's nothing quite like visiting a theme park as an adult to remind you of exactly how old you are. The childlike joy of visiting somewhere like Disney World is definitely still there, don't get us wrong... but unfortunately, so are the body aches we've inherited in our old age. And don't get us started about how bad our feet start to hurt. We can't walk 10 miles a day like it's nothing anymore! 

One woman on TikTok, @laurenofpalmsprings, really gets what this is like. In a hilarious video, she shared her experience of wearing the wrong shoes to Disney and how it's changed as she's gotten older.

Where she could once wear regular flip flops, not even Skechers will do! 

"I sat on a bench and watched everybody walk by me, just skipping along and having a good old time, and what were they wearing? Crocs," she said.

LOL! We're with her on this — yes, they're "heinous," but it's hard to argue that they're comfortable if you're going to be walking thousands of steps per day.

People left thousands of comments relating to this video, so if this is something you're going through too, just know you're not alone!

"I avoided Crocs for YEARS and finally got a pair because of chronic pain. BEST DECISION EVER. I have no regrets whatsoever," one Crocs convert commented. 

Our feet just aren't what they used to be. Maybe it's time to start considering Crocs as an addition to our wardrobe? Maybe just for Disney...