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Crowd's Reaction to 'Disney Fantasmic' Performance Being Canceled Is a Buzz Kill

They'd been looking forward to this for two years!

When Disney World shut down and then reopened a few months later during the beginning of the COVID pandemic, not everything reopened with the park, including some of the most beloved attractions and shows. Little by little, things have returned over the past few years. It's been a long time coming, but this week brought back Fantasmic, Hollywood Studios' long running fireworks and water show. 

Not only is Fantasmic back, but some major changes have been made, giving guests a brand new experience (and the chance to see some popular characters, like Moana, as part of the show for the first time). Needless to say, people were excited about this... so as @itssteffon showed on TikTok, they were especially upset when it go canceled at the last minute.

In the video, which was filmed during the cast member preview of the show right before it premiered to the public, we can see that this stadium is absolutely packed full of fans. No seats were left empty here, so of course, when an announcement was made over the loudspeaker that their showing of Fantasmic had been canceled due to weather, it was easy to hear people's disappointment.

The OP explained in the comments that while they did get to see the first half of the show, ultimately it couldn't continue since it was raining. 

But since this is an outdoor show that is being performed in Florida, more than one person chimed in with a comment about something similar happening to them.

"You won't believe this but I told my friend that every time that I go and watch Fantasmic it rains and gets cancelled. I was there today," one person joked.

It must have been a bummer to get canceled on, but fortunately, now that the show is back, people have plenty of opportunity to catch it every night. Stay away, rain!