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Woman's Reaction to Seeing People at Disney Using Her TikTok Hack Is Just the Best

She couldn't believe her eyes!

Many Disney World and Disneyland visitors get into the spirit of things by wearing mouse ears to the parks, but let's face it — Disney days can be long and at some point, our heads need a break (not to mention all the rides that require us to take our mouse ears off so we don't lose them). 

Fortunately, one TikToker, @stuckinneverlandco, created and shared a hack for stashing your mouse ears when you're taking a break without having to carry them yourselves, and she actually saw people using her hack around the parks. Seeing her face when she realized the people walking in front of her were using her hack is too precious — you have to see it! 

The hack itself is pretty simple. If you buy one of the inexpensive slap bracelets that are kept near the registers in the gift shops at Disney World, they can easily be wrapped around the ears and attached to whatever bag you're using — belt bag, backpack, whatever — and they actually stay put really well! 

It's no wonder that people are using this trick themselves, and plenty of others who have found It useful told her so in the comments.

"Girl I did this when I went to Disneyland this past week and OMG it was a life saver with my ears and bags I bought from the stores," one commenter wrote.

It's definitely worth grabbing a slap bracelet next time we find ourselves at a Disney park. Who would have known?!