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Video Tour of 'Verandah Room' on the 'Disney Dream' Has Some Interesting Perks

We're loving the split bathroom.

As much fun as going on a cruise is, there can be some drawbacks to staying in a stateroom, especially when you're traveling with friends. Those rooms can be tiny, and if you're splitting a space with others (including your own kids), it can get cramped fast. But it seems like Disney's cruise line has managed to cut out some of those inconveniences with a few well placed features in the rooms. We never would have guessed! 

On TikTok, @destinationsbydara is sharing a peek at her experience of sailing on the Disney Dream, and in the process, she pointed out some really cool perks that come with the ship. Like you'd expect from Disney, the stateroom is really clean and well decorated, but it also happens to have solved one of the biggest issue with bathrooms on a cruise ship. This one is split, with a sink and toilet in one room and a sink and shower in another. Whoa! 

Another helpful feature is the curtain in the stateroom that separates the sleeping area with the pull out couch from the area with the main bed, giving everyone who's staying in the room a bit of extra privacy. And then, as far as safety goes, there's plexiglass on the verandah's railing, making sure that little ones can't climb over the side. Genius! 

And then, of course, there are all the other things that make the cruise a blast, like seeing favorite Disney characters on board and yummy food, including fine dining.

If you're traveling with a group of four or more, this might be just be the way to go.