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Couple's Reaction to Daughter's 'Disney' Cruise Pregnancy Reveal Gives Us All the Feels

For many couples trying for a baby, no moment is more magical than when they discover that they've finally conceived. Adding onto that, one of the best feelings some can have is learning that they're going to be a grandparent for the first time!

Griffin and Alyssa, who run the TikTok account @griffandalyssa together, knew that they were pregnant. However, Alyssa's parents didn't know that yet! Rather than simply telling them, they waited to surprise them in a clever way while on a Disney cruise, to make the moment truly magical!

Aw!!! This video is equal parts silly and sweet- it's a little funny in how long it takes for them to finally realize what's going on, but when they finally do, it took all we had to keep from tearing up. We just know they're going to love being grandparents!

The comments were flooded with congratulations, well-wishes, and reactions to the awesome surprise! "I’m crying rn and I’m not sure if it’s this video or the kimchi I’m eating😅 (it’s the video!)," joked @ladyfulcrum. "I have chills!!! Congratulations!! Y'all will be amazing parents," congratulated @heihei_its_kim. "This is freaking classic," said @theharplife.

One thing that tickled many, however, was Alyssa's mom's hilarious reaction when she realized what was going on. "I wondered why you weren’t drinking 😂," laughed @katiegaylerogers. "This would so be my mom 'cause she knows I’m practically an alcoholic 😂," remarked @payton.reid2201.

That cracked us up too- and it's especially great to see that they have a sense of humor because that's how you can tell they're gonna be A+ grandparent material. We know this had to be one of their best family trips so far- but we can't wait to see future vacations once baby Griffin steps onto the scene!

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