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'Disney Cruise Line' Just Released Their Latest COVID Update

This is a serious game-changer.

The COVID pandemic meant that most people weren't traveling for pleasure for a long time in 2020 and even parts of 2021, and that meant an extended shutdown for the cruise industry, since it can be difficult to contain germs in an environment like that. During the reopening process, health and safety protocols like tests and vaccine requirements are always changing. And now, Disney Cruise Line has shared another update to their policy.

At first, Disney was one of the cruise lines with the strictest rules when it came to being able to board the ship, and now, they're loosing things up a bit even more than they have already. As travel pro @lesleyetp has shared in a video on TikTok, they just made a major change that anyone planning on sailing soon should definitely know about. 

Starting with sailings on November 15 and after, a negative COVID test is no longer required to board a Disney cruise ship for passengers of any age — regardless of what your vaccination status might be. The guidelines have changed a bit over the past couple of years, and at one point, Disney even required all passengers over the age of 5 to be vaccinated to cruise, but not long ago, they dropped that rule, too. Now, their official stance is that COVID vaccinations are simply "strongly recommended." 

This does offer a bit more flexibility to those planning to cruise in the near future, especially since obtaining and paying for COVID tests before vacation can add a bit of extra stress to travel, even if it did make sense to require them for a long time. Not everyone will love this rule, but it's important to be aware of it. 

Things are always changing, though, so be sure to check the Disney Cruise website before you sail to make sure you're up to date before leaving home!