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Video of 'Adult Excursion' on 'Disney' Cruise Isn't What We Expected

Guess you can't expect much more with Disney.

Considering the fact that just about everyone knows what to expect when it comes to Disney vacations, it shouldn't be surprising that the Disney Cruise Line is mainly geared at families with children. Of course, adults can have fun without kids on a Disney cruise; there are plenty of places to relax and grab a drink without dodging children. But still, it's not going to be the same experience that you'd have in a more mature atmosphere.

This video from @miluapagalalu on TikTok perfectly illustrates why a Disney cruise might not be for all grown ups. According to the footage, they said they were headed to an adult excursion, but in reality, it seems like it was anything but. 

Their group was on a boat with other passengers on the way to shore so that they could make it to their child free excursion... but not without a loud rendition of "Baby Shark" playing over the speakers! 

"When your sister is a Disney adult and drags you to a Disney cruise and you pay for the adult excursion and this is the ride," the caption on the video said. 

To be totally fair, this is just the boat to the excursion, not the excursion itself (where they should be free from "Baby Shark" and any similar songs). But it is pretty funny, because what else would anyone expect from a cruise line that caters to children? 

While some people were willing to commiserate (especially those who hate this song), others defended Disney cruises.

"I went on a Disney cruise with adults and we had an amazing time. Highly recommend," one person wrote. 

We're sure there was plenty of kid-free time to be had once they reached their actual excursion, but it's truly hard not to laugh at this video.