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Updated 'Disney' Moderate Resort Honestly Looks More Like a Deluxe

These rooms are just gorgeous.

Staying on property at Disney World is usually a bit pricier than off-site options, but for that extra cash, guests get extra perks. Not only is there usually more time in the parks before opening or after closing involved, but their resorts offer plenty of food and shopping options, along with free bus transportation to the parks. There are three different levels of hotel rooms to pick from — Value, Moderate, and Deluxe — and while they're all clean, nice places to stay, Deluxe are always superior.

But if you're hoping for a more luxurious stay on a budget, the Moderate resorts are a great option... and this TikTok video explains exactly why. Thanks to @thedisneykiki, we're getting a tour of the brand new rooms at Disney's Coronado Springs resort, and if we didn't know better, we'd think this was a Deluxe hotel.

This lucky traveler is staying in Gran Destino Tower, the newest part of the resort, which means this portion of Coronado Springs is a bit pricier (and fancier) than the other rooms available there. The rooms and bathrooms have a more upscale feel, and they're super spacious with hardwood floors throughout. 

Her room also had an incredible view. She was on one of the higher floors of the tower, which meant that while looking out her window, she could see the rest of the resort, along with a glimpse of Magic Kingdom and the Contemporary Resort. How magical! 

She also added that the beds are comfortable and there's plenty of storage space in the room for snacks, which are clearly two very important factors when it comes to picking out a hotel. 

Rooms at the Gran Destino Tower usually start around $300 before any discounts, but it's always possible to get a better deal, especially when booking a vacation package — and that's definitely cheaper than true Deluxe resorts, saving you hundreds in the process. Not a bad deal!