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Video Tour of Concierge Class on 'Disney' Cruise Line Is Pretty Impressive

This is a nice upgrade from a regular cruise.

When we think of Disney Cruise Line, we usually think about how geared it is towards families, especially those with young kids who would love to see their favorite characters during their vacation. That means that if you're a childfree adult hoping for a relaxing, elevated experience on your vacation, a Disney cruise might not be your first choice.

But after seeing this TikTok video from @the_luxe_travelplanner, you might just have to adjust your position on that one. This video details what you get when you sail with concierge class on Disney Cruise line, and it's pretty darn impressive. Even if you're an adult sailing without children, these perks might just be worth paying extra for.

Those who are cruising in the concierge level get access to a private sun deck and a private lounge, with plenty of snacks and drinks to be found, alcohol included. They even have items like sunscreen ready for free just in case you forgot it at home, and those who have ended up in a pinch while traveling before know just how valuable things like that can be. It also allows for early access and special seating to the shows on board.

And when the ship docks at Castaway Cay, Disney's private island, the real fun begins. You get first access to booking excursions off the ship, making your day go even more smoothly.

Of course, it will cost you (the OP shared this cruise cost them about $750 more for the extra perks), but it might just be worth it. 

Who doesn't want to feel like a cruise VIP?