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Hidden Gem 'Disney' Attraction in Los Angeles Is Definitely Worth a Stop

Looking for a hidden gem attraction deep in the heart of Los Angeles? Stop by Griffith Park sometime soon!

Griffith Park is home to many of LA's biggest attractions, including the Los Angeles Zoo, the Griffith Observatory, and the iconic Hollywood sign itself. However, it also hosts a lesser-known attraction that Disney fans in particular will especially enjoy. The best part? It's free! TikTok user @wherejaimiegoes takes us there in her video:

This is a neat little attraction, full of Disney memorabilia and other charming features. That model train station was absolutely adorable. Add a cheap train ride on top of that and you've got yourself a fun and magical way to wile away an hour or two on some pleasant afternoon! Plus, it doesn't get as overwhelmed as some of the more prominent tourist attractions do, so you can relax and appreciate it better!

Be wary though, that'll you'll need to plan your visit carefully.  The barn is only open every 3rd Sunday each month! We guess with so many older artifacts and memorabilia, they don't want to expose them to the public too frequently.

If the trains called to you in particular, there are other attractions you can try in Griffith Park, in case you can't get out there on a 3rd Sunday. "Travel Town and LA Steamers are a must if you like trains, have kids, or are a Disney enthusiast," recommended @shellojello.

"Griffith has a lot of gems I feel like," said @budderfingerz, and the more we hear about it, the more we're inclined to agree. Spend a day exploring Griffith Park if you're ever in LA- there's so much to do!